Remedial Program

We believe in enabling all of our students to realize their tremendous potential. Our Remedial program, run by Mrs. Rachel Katzenellenbogen, is here to give the skills and support necessary for the student who is struggling academically.

Shiluv – Student may be pulled out of the main classroom in small groups in order to help them with reading, language  and math skills. Special emphasis is placed upon the younger grades so that the foundational skills are in firmly in place. This service is subsidized by the Board of Education / Misrad Hachinuch and is free of charge.

Hakshiva – In-house tutoring services – After school tutoring can be an exhausting and expensive experience.  We offer these services during school hours at a fraction of the price of regular tutoring costs. The student is pulled out of agreed upon classes to work, one on one, with her tutor on areas that need strengthening.  Mrs. Nechama Pessi Yarmush coordinates the program and is constant contact with the Remedial Coordinator and the teachers. This program is offered only to specific students upon recommendation from the teachers.

Yael / Peleh – Students who have made Aliya in the past ten years are entitled to additional support through the Peleh and Yael programs that are run during and after school hours. (See Support for Olim)

Yad Eliezer – an organization that sponsors mentor/tutors for a number of our 7th and 8th grade students upon recommendation from the teachers.