Meet The Girls School Staff

Mrs. Devorah (Ochs) Simon- Principal of the Girls’ School.

Mrs. Simon made Aliyah from Kew Gardens, New York in 1989 with her husband and their first child. She is a graduate of Bais Yaakov of Queens, Breuers Seminary and Queens College. She has taught in elementary schools and seminary, and worked in camps, youth groups and kiruv organizations.

Mrs. Simon bases her educational approach on the wonderful role models that she had in Bais Yaakov of Queens during her years as a student and teacher in the elementary school.

Mrs. Simon believes that chinuch has to come from the heart, in order to touch the hearts of the students.  She puts all of her efforts into ensuring that the staff, the lessons, and the extra-curricular programs are stimulating and relevant.

Graduates of Magen Avos fondly remember the yearly Melave Malka / Kumzitz with Mrs. Simon strumming on her guitar, singing and telling stories.

Mrs. Chaviva Julius – Special Projects Coordinator and Ulpan Teacher

Morah Chaviva’s welcoming smile will be your first greeting as you arrive at our school.  Morah Chaviva teaches the Olim students and coordinates various services for them, including the Hakshiva tutoring and the Peleh and Yael programs.

Her warmth and care for the Olim students and their families is legendary.  She meets parents to help set up a program that best fits the needs of their child, and serves as a liaison between Olim parents and teachers as they navigate their first year in the Israeli school system.

In addition, our annual class research projects and school-wide science and math fairs are initiated by Morah Chaviva as she teams with other staff members.

Morah Chaviva has a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Special Education. She especially enjoys reading, gardening and learning from children!

Mrs. Michal Lehman – School Guidance Counselor.

Mrs. Michal Lehman brings her years of experience, penetrating insight and engaging personality to her position in Magen Avos.  Her pivotal role in the school administration and weekly sessions with the main classroom teachers have greatly enhanced our ability to identify needs and promote healthy interaction with our students and their families.

Mrs. Lehman holds a leading role in a national initiative of The Joint that developed a program for Chareidi Youth At Risk. She uses her knowledge to help guidance counselors and teachers across the country gain tools that expand their awareness and effectiveness. Her position here enables us to be the first to participate and benefit from the program. Mrs Lehman is an available resource for the parents and students.  

Mrs. Yaffi ShremRegistrar and Office Manager

Yaffi will generally be the first person you will reach when contacting Magen Avos.  As a child of Olim, Yaffi’s is bilingual in both Hebrew to English to the delight of her callers.  Her pleasant personality and efficient handling of any request or concern make her a pleasure to work with. She deals with registration, tuition and financial payment arrangements.

In addition, Yaffi knows all of our students and their individual needs. She is well loved by all of our staff. Yaffi is also a very talented graphic artist who uses her skill to enhance many of our school projects.

Mrs. Yael Reichman – English Coordinator

Mrs. Reichman is a graduate of Prospect Park, Bnos Chava Seminary and Touro College who made Aliyah with her family in 1997.  She has worked as an English teacher for the Israeli Board of Education for 22 many years and utilizes her experience, amazing organizational abilities and creativity to keep our English programs relevant and up to date.

Each English class is divided into three levels; one level for Hebrew speakers, and two levels for native English speakers. Mrs. Reichman keeps quite busy as she designs and supervises curriculum for all three tracks. Her annual English newspaper based on the yearly school theme is packed with interesting articles, interviews, poetry, riddles, cartoons and fun graphics written by students of all grades and tracks.

Mrs. Sara Rochel Bukovsky – Assistant Principal – Grades 5-8

Mrs. Bukovsky is both an administrator and a teacher for over 20 years. She is the go-to person for teachers, students and parents alike for any issues dealing with activities, discipline or educational questions. She has a caring personality and efficient way of sizing up and handling any situation. Mrs. Bukovsky speaks both English and Hebrew.

Mrs. Rachel Spitzer – Assistant Principal Grades 1-4

Mrs. Spitzer coordinates the curriculum and discipline in the lower grades. She advises, mentors, deals with discipline and is in contact with parents. Her wise and thoughtful advice, personal example, and care for the children adds so much to the school. She speaks both English and Hebrew.