Magen Avos is an American style Yeshiva for boys and Bais Yaakov for girls in Beit Shemesh consisting of both pre-school and elementary divisions.

It was founded in 1995 by Rabbi Daniel and Mrs. Devorah Simon with the blessings and haskomos of Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg  zt”l, Rav Nachman Bullman zt”l and Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt”l.  Rav Gans shlita of Mattisdorf is currently the Rabbinic advisor.

Our mission is to provide a strong Torah education along with a solid secular education in a warm and supportive environment that builds love of Torah, good middos, and ahavas Yisroel.  Students have continued their education in quality yeshivas and Bais Yaakov high schools upon graduating.

Our staff, consisting of experienced administrators, rabbeim, teachers, advisors and support staff, are graduates of the finest Yeshivas and Bais Yaakov seminaries in Israel. They are positive role models of Torah observant people and are caring, experienced and professional educators. Click here to meet some of our exceptional Girls’ school  staff.

Magen Avos offers extensive programming to help Olim acclimate to their new home, language and culture. Click here for details of the support we offer to Olim – Girls’ School.

There is a resource room and a dedicated staff of special education teachers to help the students with special needs. Click here for details about remedial services – Girls’ school.

Our school is a positive and upbeat place where students have a sense of belonging and connection. There are many academic programs and extra-curricular activities that foster this atmosphere. Click here for programs and activities – Girls’ school.

The families adhere to a frum, chareidi lifestyle without T.V. or movies. Internet usage is strictly for work and communication with family members. Students are not allowed to have internet access. Click here for our school policy / takanon – Girls’ school.