10 tips for a successful Aliyah


1 – Inquire about in- house services for Olim offered in the school your child will be attending.

2 – Ask the school for contact information of families to help with any questions.

3 – Arrange for “face time” meetings with future classmates in Israel.

4 – Be prepared to hire a private tutor to help your child succeed in school.


5 – Exposure to Hebrew in the form of tutoring, Hebrew books or computer programs

6 – Make a set time every day for “Hebrew family time”


7 – Prepare your children for the fact that Aliyah will be an adjustment.

8 – Be at peace with your decision to move your family to Israel. When parents are secure about their decision, the children will adapt.


9 – It is advantageous to arrive in the summer and sign your child up for the school day camp.

10 – Avoid coming after the holidays- it is hard to catch up!