Rav Yair Kobernick

Yair Kobernick has been in education for over 31 years. He grew up in San Diego, California, moved to Israel in 1979 and aside from one year living in Bnei Brak, he has lived and raised his family in Yerushalayim.  After years of learning in Yeshivas Torah Ohr and Kollel Meshech Chochmah he went into chinuch, teaching in the Etrog school of Talpiot / Gilo and then 9 years in the Chofetz Chaim Talmud Torah “Yesod Yisrael”  in Sanhedria, Yerushalayim. In 2002 Rabbi Simon brought him in as the Educational Principal. After 13 years he decided to go back to where his heart longed to be, the classroom. He taught 3 years full time and then came back to be part of the administration as assistant principal.

Rav Kobernick’s approach to chinuch includes experiential learning, crafts and singing. He introduced the annual “ta’arucha” to the school. The first year it started out as a general Science Fair Exhibition. Each year’s exhibition has different theme’s, such as Hilchos Shabbos, the Yeshiva’s throughout Europe before WWII and the different Neviim in Tanach.

His warmth and support to all staff members, talmidim and parents at Magen Avot is legendary. Whether it’s educational support, technical support or emotional support, he is always there for everyone.

Being on the same team with Rabbi Danny Myers has been the highlight of his career and he is looking forward to many more years of working together to give jewish children a love for learning.