Rav Daniel Myers

Rav Daniel Myers grew up in Belle Harbor in the 1960’s,
where his family was very active in building up both the
local Shul, Ohab Zedek, and the local day school, Yeshiva
of Belle Harbor. His parents were true community
leaders, and inspired the entire Kehilla, including their
son. Rav Myers received his Semicha in 1989 from Rabbi
Yisrael Chait Shlita, and his Masters in Education in 1987
from Adelphi University in New York.

Rav Myers was very inspired by his Rebbes in Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisrael Chait
and Rabbi Reuven Mann, to carefully think through every sugyah (halachic
or hashkafic). Rav Myers merited learning under Rabbi Aharon Bina in
Yeshivat Hakotel; he also learned at Yeshivat Har Etzion under Rav Aharon
Lichtenstein ZT”L.

Before making Aliya, Rav Myers was a rebbe in the Hebrew Academy of the
Five Towns & Rockaways as well as the Rambam Mesivta. After arriving in
Israel in 2001, Rav Myers was a rebbe at Ohr Yerushalayim and Ahavat
Yisrael, and Principal of Talmud Torah Darchei Noam. At Darchei Noam, he
developed a collaborative approach with the students where they learned
conflict management skills in ‘real time.’
He inculcates in his students a passionate love for Torah and a deep appreciation for the miraculous times
that we live in. Rav Myers has tremendous respect for all of Klal Yisrael,
regardless of hashkafa and appearance, and works tirelessly to bring Achdut
to the community. He loves teaching to all ages, from children in Gan
through the Maor Seniors in his position of Rav at Kehillat Menorat Hamaor.

Rav Myers serves as the Mara D’atra of Kehillat Menorat Hamaor in Ramat
Beit Shemesh. He sends out a daily mini Shiur to his Kehilla, and has now
accumulated 3,500 Shiurim on a wide range of topics.

Rav Myers lives with his wife, children and grandchildren in Ramat
Beit Shemesh. He looks forward to inculcating the beauty of Torah in the
hearts & souls of every Magen Avot talmid.