Girls School

Principal: Mrs. Devorah Simon (read bio)

Assistant Principals: Mrs. Sara Rena Schechter (Younger division) , Mrs. Sara Rochel Bukovsky (Older division)

The curriculum offers a balanced Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol program.  The girls learn Chumash, Navi, Yahadus, Dinim, Pirkei Avos, Jewish history, Hebrew language, expression, grammar, writing, math, science, geography, social studies, history and English language.

Handpicked, dedicated and talented teachers, some of whom graduated from Magen Avos, skillfully use the medium of art, music, dance, drama, exhibits etc to bring their lessons to life.   For many subjects in the higher grades, students are grouped according to levels enabling each one to achieve and learn at their own pace.  The students enjoy gym classes in the large gym/auditorium and are encouraged to play games during recess in the schoolyard.

There are many and varied extracurricular events going on throughout the school year that offer the students opportunities to utilize their talents for positive, healthy learning and growth.  Several examples of this would be the Rosh Chodesh activities based on a yearly theme, color war, drama/music and dance productions, Melave Malkas, and gardening.. Junior high students are encouraged to initiate and organize school programs promoting feelings of responsibility, spirit, togetherness and school pride while building their self-esteem.  These programs include “big sister/ little sister” mentoring, school committees such as Tehillim, Tzedaka, library, school newspaper committees, activities and dance coordinators.

Varied school trips throughout the year give students an opportunity to bond further with peers and teachers in a relaxed environment while deepening their appreciation for the beauty of Eretz Yisrael.

The School Library was built through the efforts of dedicated parents and students.  It is open four days a week during recess in addition to being incorporated into the language curriculum during school hours. The library is a quiet oasis in the middle of our busy campus and the students are encouraged to read and enjoy books on all levels-enriching their language skills and their horizons.

There are several special education teachers on staff who work under the guidance of a supervisor to address the needs of the child who is challenged.  An individualized program is designed for each student and a schedule is tailor made to insure that she is only pulled out of classes that she will not be held responsible for.  The main teachers and the special ed. teachers are constantly in touch with each other in order to obtain maximum benefit from the program.  In many cases, the fee for this service is partially subsidized.

If you are considering making Aliyah and your child is especially challenged and having a very difficult time coping in her learning environment where ever you currently live, it has been our experience that Aliyah can be very challenging for such a child.  The change of language and expectations can be too much for her to handle.  We strongly recommend asking a detailed shaila to a Rav who knows you when considering plans for Aliyah.

Our experienced guidance counselor, Mrs. Michal Lehman, works closely with teachers and administration to identify needs and build positive communication with the students.  She is directly available for the junior high students and for parents.

Services for Olim

For the first year of Aliyah there are additional costs that will be added to the tuition for Ulpan and Tutoring.  These costs are not optional for the first year oleh as they are critical for the student’s successful adaptation to the new country and its standards.


Morah Tzippy Shkopp (a graduate of Magen Avos)  runs the Ulpan program with warmth and sensitivity.  In the Buddy program, students and mothers are paired with previous Olim who provide friendship, support and a listening ear.  The Oleh student generally learns in Ulpan class several hours a week during the time that her class is learning subjects that she will not be held responsible for in the first year, such as geography, science, history etc.  Morah Tzippy works with the student in a small group setting, on Hebrew language skills (vocabulary, expression, composition and reading comprehension) according to grade level.  In addition, much thought and effort is put into the student‘s emotional well- being and adjustment. Finally, Morah Tzippy serves as a liaison for the new Olim parents with respect to school concerns.


While the Ulpan program works on Hebrew skills, the student still needs to keep up with the class work, homework assignments, reports and tests in her required classes.  It is for this reason that we began our in house tutoring program which is coordinated by the Ulpan teacher.  The tutors work with the students on the subject material that is being taught in school.  They and the coordinator are in constant touch with the teachers to see where the class is holding and to understand the needs of the child in order to help her succeed in the classroom setting.  The minimum commitment that the school requires for the new Oleh from 3rd grade and up is two hours of tutoring per week.  The cost is approximately half of what private tutors take and the tutoring is done during school hours.  After the chagim, the coordinator or the parents may discuss adding hours based on individual need.

YULA – Afternoon Program

The 1st – 4th grades finish their school day officially at 1:30 PM, while the 5th -8th grades finish at 3:10 PM.  The school offers a chugim/enrichment program called Yom Limudim Aroch (YULA) with crafts, drama, dance, music, baking, scrap booking, jewelry making, puppet theater creating and more at a minimal cost.  The hours are 1:30-3:10, Sunday through Thursday, with two classes per day.  The cost is for the whole package, there is no option to pick particular days.

Rav Yisrael Ganz Shlita serves as the rabbinical advisor.

The school is accredited by the Israeli Board of Education and under its constant supervision.  The teachers are Bais Yaakov graduates and the hashakafa they teach and represent is of the Chareidi world.

 The daily schedule is:

1st-4th grades 8:30-1:30 PM Sunday-Thursday

5th-8th grades 8:30-3:10 PM. Sunday-Thursday

All grades- 8:30-11:45 AM on Friday.

The 1stand 2nd grades have an option for tzahaaron / afternoon program (Sun.-Thurs.) until 3:45 PM which includes hot lunch.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th grades have an option for afternoon enrichment program called the Yom Limudim Aroch (YULA) program (Sun.-Thurs.) until 3:10 PM. (see details above).

Yearly schedule

School commences on Sept. 1st and concludes on June 30th.  Winter vacation is during the week of Chanuka.  There is an exciting, fun filled day camp in the month of July for a minimal cost.

**School bus service has been available in the past years.